Laser Welding Machine ACMNLV1

  1. Jewerly Laser Spot Welding Machine series of AC LASER SYSTEMS is special for the designing in the electronics and jewerly industries, which can be applied for gold and silver jewerly, the holes repairing of electronic components, spotting blisters: welding inlay Groove, etc.
    2.Widely applicable to stainless steel copper, gold, silver, k gold and their alloys
    3.Mianly applied in jewerly, electronic component communications, crafts and other industries.
    4.This machine is also compatible with molds.

Product Description

1.- The series of products are designed with ergonomics and produced with the top international parts. So, the integrated machine is more reliable and durable.
2.- The product is compact and can be placed on the desktop for easy to handle.
3.- Easy to operate, fine welding, stable equipment and low failure rate.
4.- The special microscope with crosshairs is offered to observe the system, and high-speed electronic filtering device provided for protecting the operator’s glasses.


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